When you travel to Bamberg, don’t just rush through the most iconic sights and snap away before leaving again. (So many people underestimate Bamberg!) You can actually go shopping at the cutest shops in Bamberg.

And I don’t mean high street fashion, but gorgeous little decor shops that you wouldn’t mind moving into, they’re so pretty. Here are the best that we locals love.

Where shops in Bamberg are located

First and foremost, there are a few streets that you should just slowly stroll around to see most of these shops. Bamberg’s city center isn’t all that big, so you can casually walk around. Just know that there’s cobblestone, so skip on fancy heels if that’s what you were planning on.

The main street for cute decor is the one leading from the modern center to the Old Town via the upper bridge – called Obere Brücke. The small alley further leads right through the Old Townhall.

More shops can be found close by in Keßlerstraße, which leads away from the Posaidon fountain, locally called “Gabelmoo”. Just around the corner, on the streets Franz-Ludwig-Straße and Grüner Markt, you can find high street fashion shops like H&M, New Yorker and C&A.

Popular franchise stores for fashion and decor are lined up next to the new market square, along Hauptwachstraße.

And then, there’s the lower Old Town with its many alleys and side streets and plenty of smaller shops to peruse.

Special Shop Mentions

Naturally, this list isn’t exhaustive of ALL the coolest shops in Bamberg. But I wanted to give you some pointers of the cutest stores in town, especially where they appear in clusters so you don’t have to look too long and walk too far.


Tea lovers MUST visit the Mohrenhaus close to the Old Townhall. The walls of the entrance area are stacked with teas from around the world and placed on old pharmacy-like wooden counters. It’s very pretty.

The building itself is rather iconic with its many crooks and crannies. (Althought it has a somewhat controversial historical name and logo due to its trading history.)

Besides tea, you can find art pieces, postcard prints, home decor and fashion items that are unique and flamboyant. And yes, more expensive.

  • Address: Ob. Brücke 14, 96047 Bamberg
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black door with golden logo on historic stone house

Kleines Glück

You’ll know when you see this quaint little shop. It’s a popular photo spot in Bamberg.

It’s that one crooked shop just before you reach the Old Townhall, with the leaning windows and doors.

It would fit right into Diagon Alley, if you ask me. (Yes, I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd.)

  • Address: Ob. Brücke 2, 96047 Bamberg


Fashionistas with an edge will want to step intp Maedla. The store is so popular, it has multiple stores around town.

Inside, you can find a range of beautiful adornments, such as fashionable bags, stationary and candles, to name just a few things.

Everything is beautifully laid out and decorated and I love getting some decoration inspiration from here.

  • Address: Obstmarkt 4, 96047 Bamberg
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entrance view of Christmas shop with gold and golden Christmas decor

Käthe Wohlfahrt

For Christmas lovers, the shop of Käthe Wohlfahrt is THE place to be. It’s open year-round and is a haven for German Christmas decor collectors.

The items are well coveted by Germans who love their traditional vibe. And those delicate, hand-crafted wooden figurines you see in the store are also passed down among families.

Needless, to say, they are an investment but there is something for every price bracket.

If you want to buy a German Christmas staple, go for the pyramids or Schwibbogen (candle arches that originate in the Ore Mountains).

  • Address: Karolinenstraße 5, 96049 Bamberg
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Another must see store in Bamberg and also dedicated to Christmasy decor is Inge-Glas. The local glass manufacturer creates a selection of delicate and detailed Christmas hangers.

And it is here that you can find the iconic Apfelweibla face to take home as a bauble. That’s definitely a unique travel souvenir from Bamberg.

And if you’ve been sold on the idea that Germans have the Christmas gherkin tradition for their trees (we don’t and am not entirely sure how that rumour spread but we’re slowly adopting it nonetheless), you can get one here to take home.

Some of the baubles are very cheeky, others are conversative. There’s really something for everyone. Even if you just want to step in and take a lot, it’s worth your time.

  • Address: Karolinenstraße 10, 96049 Bamberg
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delicate baubles in red and gold hanging in shop window

Die BLume

This isn’t your typical decor shop in Bamberg. It’s actually a florist and plant shop but decorated so lovingly and with such eye to detail, I simply cannot walk past it without gazing or stepping in.

The store is nestled in a historic house and inside almost feels like a museum, in the best of way.

Even if you cannot buy plants to take home with you, there are plenty of decorative items, vases and accessories that will be allowed back on the plane.

Fun fact: I once complimented a woman on the street on her gorgeous flower print umbrella and she said she got it from here. They really have a wide range of products.

  • Address: u. Brücke 7, 96049 Bamberg


Do you enjoy cooking? Then please, check out the Spicy House (literal translation: House of Spices, but I thought this sounded more fun).

From floor to ceiling, the wooden shelves are filled with mouth-watering spices from all around the world.

Before visiting, I had no idea just how many different kinds of pepper there are and what dishes to use each for.

They are really knowledgable in store and can help you out with getting just the right kind of spices and where to use them.

Also, the store seems very traditional and it’s almost like stepping back in time. Very classy!

  • Address: Lugbank 9, 96049 Bamberg
white shop front with golden light within and soaps on neat wooden shelves on display

Seife & MEhr

Just a little further, you can find a little store just for soaps. All of them are locally sourced and produced. And the store smells so good!

It’s the good, natural kind of soap that feels all buttery and silky smooth.

So if you do enjoy a luxurious feeling with your daily skincare, even if just hand washing and solid dishwashing liquid, check out this family-run business.

The interior too is very modern and sleek. Definitely checks the aesthetic boxes.

  • Address: Keßlerstraße 18, 96047 Bamberg
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One of my favourite shops to peruse and be inspired by. It’s very centrally located close to the central bus station but still off the main streets.It’s a cozy little shop with two floors.

It’s dedicated to beautifying your living room and kitchen, with plenty of colourful crockery, pillows, candles and other decorative items.

The listings change with every season, so there’s always new things to discover and match to whatever style you’re going with at home.

  • Address: Keßlerstraße 26, 96047 Bamberg
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cluttered but organised shop window with Christmas decor in a golden light

Farben Ullmann

If miniature things are your style, come visit this tiny shop. It’s just below the road to the cathedral and you will definitely be able to spot it.

The houses around it are all colourful and half-timbered and this rather squarely shaped building stands out while also fitting it. (My photo almost gives it a Wes Anderson vibe.)

They have teeny tiny objects for doll houses or minitatures. And their selection of unique earrings is something to behold. The little, handcrafted figures resembling food or animals are just too adorable!

  • Address: Elisabethenstraße 2b, 96049 Bamberg
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Katzenberg 4 Kids

Even if you don’t have kids or kids to give presents too, this shop is just too cute to pass by.

I personally love window shopping here and looking at the adorable Jellycats plushies. Honestly, who cares if they are not technically meant for adults? I just wanna hug them all!

They change them out regularly, so there are always new plushies to dote on.

  • Address: Katzenberg 4, 96049 Bamberg
  • Instagram
kids mannequins with blue sweater and reindeer motif and red and white dress surrounded by lebkuchen plushies

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