Bamberg, a city located in Bavaria, Germany, is known for its traditional brewing methods, beer culture and historic breweries. According to the Bamberg Brewers’ Guild, there are currently 11 breweries in Bamberg city and 53 breweries in the Bamberg region (Bamberger Land), which is a huge concentration relative to its size.

Good to know: The German word “Brauerei” means brewery.

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Schlenkerla Brewery

This brewery is famous for its historic and iconic smoke beer, which is made by exposing malted barley to smoke from beechwood fires.

The Schlenkerla Brewery has been producing beer since the 1400s and is located in the Old Town of Bamberg.

It’s one of the typical things to do in Bamberg, to go the Schlenkerla restaurant, get a jar of beer and stand in the street, drinking it while mingling with other beer lovers.

The street is always crowded for that very reason. It’s very social! (And the best chance for you to chat up a German because we tend to shy away from having small talk with strangers on the street.)

iron sign for Schlenkerla brewery depicting a man in a black wreath and a golden David Star

Klosterbräu Brewery

Located in the former monastery of St. Michael, the Klosterbräu Brewery has been producing beer since the 1300s and turned into an official brewery in 1533. In 1790, it was sold to local brewer master Johann Georg Behr and then to family Braun in the 19th century, which still runs it to this day.

The name is telling because Kloster means “monastery” in German. Also, the brewery has a restaurant and a beer garden where you can enjoy their traditional beers.

pink building with blue shutters and green bush out front

Fässla Brewery

Brauerei Fässla, also referred to locally as “Das Fässla”, is known for its lagers, which are fermented in open-air cellars using traditional brewing methods. The brewery has been in operation presumably since 1649 and is located near the Old Town, opposite the brewery Spezial in the street Oberen Königstraße 21.

The name refers back to the roots of the local cooper and brewery industry. Fass means “barrel” in German.

They produce different kinds of beer, including a lager, pilsner, sout (“Bambergator”), brown ale and wheet beer.

Greifenklau Brewery

Greifenklau Brewery is located in a former monastery and produces a range of traditional beers, including a Helles (pale lager) and a Dunkles (dark lager). The brewery has a beer garden and is located in the Old Town of Bamberg.

Weyermann Brewery

When you arrive in Bamberg by train, you will undoubtedly notice the large brewery with its many and quite stunning red brick buildings near the rails. That’s Weyermann, which has quite the range of modern malts.

It also offers guided tours of the lab, malting house as well as the test brewery. Yes, tastings are included.

red brick buildings behind big gate

Kaiserdom Brewery

One of the biggest breweries in Bamberg is Kaiserdorm, which produces more than 260.000 hl and also exports internationally to five continents. The brewery is located in Gaustadt district.

Its history is said to reach back to 1718 and is a family run business.

shop window showing a mountain goat's head surrounded by beer bottles

Mahrs Bräu Brewery

Mahrs Bräu is a traditional brewery located in Bamberg, Germany, known for producing a variety of high-quality beers using traditional brewing methods. The brewery was founded in 1670 by Johann Nikolaus Mahr and has been family-owned and operated for over 350 years.

Mahrs Bräu is particularly known for its flagship beer, the Mahrs Bräu Kellerbier, which is an unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer that is brewed and served in the traditional Franconian style. Other popular beers produced by the brewery include the Mahrs Bräu Pilsner, Mahrs Bräu Helles, and Mahrs Bräu Weisse.

In addition to its beer production, Mahrs Bräu also operates several pubs and beer gardens in Bamberg and the surrounding area, where visitors can enjoy their beers in a traditional Bavarian atmosphere. One such beer garden and restaurant sits behind the orange church Maria Hilf. It’s a pretty little residential area.

Keesmann Brewery

Keesmann Brewery is a family-owned brewery that has been producing beer since the 1860s. The brewery produces a range of traditional beers, including a Helles and a Dunkles, and has a restaurant and beer garden.

Spezial Brewery

The Spezial Brewery produces a range of traditional beers, including a Rauchbier (smoked beer) and a Lager. The brewery has been in operation since the 1500s and is located in the Old Town of Bamberg.

complicated gold and black metal ornament showing flowers, birds and a lion

Ambräusianum Brewery

Brauerei Ambräusianum produces a range of beers, including a Rauchbier (smoke beer), a Dunkles (dark beer), and a Weizen (wheat beer). The brewery has a restaurant and beer garden and is located in the Old Town of Bamberg.

These are just some of the breweries you can find in Bamberg. Each brewery has its own unique history and brewing methods, and visiting them is a great way to experience the city’s rich brewing culture.

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