Bamberg is such a gorgeous city and the perfect backdrop for stunning photos. So if you are visiting with your loved one and really want to feel all fuzzy inside and capture the magic, here are the most romantic spots for couple photos in Bamberg.

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green leaves hanging into photos, pointing to the red and pink roses in green flower beds in front of Baroque building

Rose Garden

The most romantic spot in Bamberg is undoubtedly the Rose Garden atop of the Old Town. It’s a short walk from the cathedral and offers you sweeping views over the historic city roofs with pretty mountains in the distance.

Note that the cafe is closed over the winter. The garden itself is free to visit and open daily (except 23-25 December, 1 January and Fat Tuesday)

In its 70 carefully placed flower beds you can spot 4500 roses of different varieties.

Each have their very own specific colourings and scents and you’ll feel almost royal ambling along behind the grand palace façade and beneath the alley trees.

There are stone benches and little nooks in the city wall from which to take in the view (and have gorgeous couple photos taken).

It’s free to visit and features a little café as well in case you want to rest a while and take in the lovely scene.

Even if the roses aren’t in bloom, it’s still a romantic place to visit, it’s sheltered and you can enjoy sweeping views over the city in peace away from the crowds. It’s still a popular place for tourists to visit, but it can be fairly empty more often than not.

grey statues on pedestals standing among green hedges at a Baroque house

The flowers aren’t quite ready yet
in May

The roses in Bamberg
in July

cherub statue stadning on the right, with rose beds in the distance
houses built right at the river's edge in plight yellow colours and sloping red tile roofs

Little Venice

If you stand at the river opposite the houses, you can get amazing views of the entire length of houses as well as with you standing in the greenery by the shore. There are also a few steps leading down to the water if you want to step closer.

The next must-see spot in Bamberg for the ultimate couple photo is Little Venice, locally known as “Kleinvenedig”.

That’s the stretch of tiny historic houses in the classic German half-timbered style which you can find close to the historic townhall.

Gondola riding in Bamberg

Gondola Ride

Befitting of the name Little Venice, you can also take a local gondola and enjoy a laid-back river cruise with your own gondolier.

Float along the charming old houses underneath the shady trees and see Bamberg from a different perspective, while you two lovebirds snuggle up.

There are several red and white poles along the rivershore to embark on this romantic couples activity in Bamberg’s city center.

Bridge View of Townhall

The most recognizable and most shot photo motif of Bamberg is the old town hall, which stands on its own island in the middle of the river.

It’s unmistakable and unmissable and most people take a photo right on the bridge in front of the walkthrough. But not you because I’ll tell you a much better spot.

There are multiple parallel bridges that run from the city centre to the Old Town and that offer a great view of the townhall.

The best photo location in Bamberg of the townhall, especially in the afternoon and for that perfect sunset glow is from the bridge Geyerswörthsteg, which leads to the Residence Geyerswörth.

Plus, there usually are flowers growing along the railing, which make for a beautiful detail.

view of yellow Baroque building with red roof and detailed painted-on facade
Bamberg’s historic townhall

Secret Garden

When you walk from the cathedral up to the monastery Michaelsberg, you can take the route along the street. (Which is also scenic.) Or you can take the path that locals tend to take, which is just below the Rose Garden and onto the panoramic trail through the monastery orchard and gardens.

From here, you have unobstructed views over the city framed by well-trimmed hedges, a fountain and Baroque pavilions. You do have to climb a few stairs to get up, but you can also do a round trip and take the street on the way up and the gardens on the way down.

There’s also a café and restaurant at the top as well as the museum. The church is typically not open as there have been restorations taking place for forever. But if you actually are allowed to go in, do it! The décor is absolutely stunning.

stone fountain seen in the lower third of the picture with red roofed houses stretching into the distance behind it

Fountain at the terrace
of Michelsberg

Orchard meadows
flank the secret path

trail between green grass and orchard trees with view of cathedral in background
close up of soft pink flowers at the hanging wisteria in front of bright blue sky

Wisteria Lane

Bamberg has quite a few spots for wisteria viewing in May if you’re interested in gorgeous couple photos with a floral background. However, you need to know where to look. It’s not everywhere.

One of my favourite scenic places in Bamberg during spring time are the wisteria along the fences of the small gardens close to the concert hall. If you are here on a romantic trip to Bamberg in May, you have to check it out.

Plus, you get a nice view of the Michaelsberg monastery and the gorgeously painted walls of the buildings by the river.

Head to the street Schiffbauplatz and then take the trail between the river and the private garden allotments. (Note: Google won’t show it.)

polished brass doorknob with a content face on a dark, wooden door


One iconic sight in Bamberg is the Apfelweibla, which is the most famous doorknob in Bamberg.

That’s due to the story that the renowned poet E.T.A. Hoffmann was inspired to write about it. (You can purchase the book “The Golden Pot” and other tales of his here*.)

A cute photo to take here would be both of you holding the doorknob or even pretending to kiss it at the same time as the face on the knob looks very happy smiley and pleased.

Historic Waterworks

Along the canal that flows through Bamberg, you can find a string of waterworks and information boards on the important Donau Main Canal.

The most prominent one, as it is a well preserved, historic one is located on the riverbank opposite the Art Gallery Villa Concordia. From here, you can see the start of the Hain park, which is a perfect backdrop for those romantic photos underneath the alley trees and next to the river.

The houses in the area are also very pretty and make for more photo opportunities.

stone fountain with Poseidon statue surrounded by ornamental iron fence
Gabelmoo fountain


If locals want to meet up in town, an often chosen spot is the Gabelmoo (local dialect for Gabelmann, which translates to “Man with the Fork”).

It’s the statue of Poseidon that sits on the fountain of the Grüner Markt marketplace.

There are slabs of stone around it to sit on and pose in front of both the fountain and the historic houses and stunning church façade that make up the square.

During the week you can find the local market here with vendors selling fresh regional produce, such as vegetables, honey, meats, cheeses and flowers.

view from upper level onto white hall with glass cabinets from floor to ceiling

Natural history museum

Even if you don’t speak German (and many museums in Germany don’t have English translations), this museum is well worth a visit.

For one, right next to its entrance, you can see the inner courtyard of the university building, which makes for a charming photo opportunity in Bamberg.

Picture round archways with pillars framing Baroque architecture surrounding green hedges and beautiful old trees. Prop yourself up on the stone stairs or railings and live your fairy tale photoshoot.

Inside the museum you must see the Vogelsaal (Bird’s Hall), which features a breathtakingly gorgeous Baroque interior filled with glass cases from floor to ceiling. In these, stuffed birds from all over the world are exhibited.

These are just some amazing photo spots in Bamberg on a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon for you to enjoy.

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