Have you ever heard of the Jakobsweg, a pilgrimage trail in Bavaria? It runs from bad Staffelstein to Nuremberg, which means that there’s parts of the Jacob’s Way in Bamberg, too! Here’s what you should know about it.

What is the The Jacob’s Way ?

The Jacob’s Way in Bamberg, also known as Sternenweg (Path of the Stars) refers to a pilgrimage route that leads to the city’s St. Jacobs Church, also known as the Jakobskirche in German.

The overall route is part of the larger network of Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes that lead to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where the remains of Saint James the Greater are said to be buried.

The overall length is 82 miles (132 km).

When you arrive in Bamberg for The Jacob’s Way, you’ll have reached 54.37 miles (87,5 km) of the overall trail and the 14,79 miles (23,8 km) of the fourth leg.

Fun fact: The Camino the Compostela has a total length of 1770,91 miles (2850 km).

Jacob’s Way in German is Jakobsweg or Jakobusweg.

  • Lichtenfels
  • Vierzehnheiligen
  • Staffelberg
  • Dittersbrunn
  • Zapfendorf
  • Ebing
  • Baunach
  • Hallstadt
  • Bamberg
  • Reundorf
  • Hernsdorf
  • Kreuzberg-Hallendorf
  • Forchheim
  • Pinzberg
  • Effeltrich
  • Neunkirchen a.B.
  • Kalchreuth
  • Buchenbühl
  • Nürnberg

To get to Bamberg along The Jacob’s Way, you will have to come from Hallstadt to the North of Bamberg, which is still part of the Bamberger Land region. Hallstadt is part of the fourth leg.

The Jacob’s Way trail marker is the same as the one for the Camino the Compostela, the pilgrim’s scallop or scallop shell. It’s looks like light rays merging into one point, resembling the dents in a shell. The colors are yellow on blue.

Depending on where the scallop stripes combine, you get a clue on the direction (left, right or straightforward).

The scallop shell is traditionally associated with Saint James and has become a symbol of pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago.

The Jacob’s Way in Bamberg is a popular pilgrimage route for both spiritual seekers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a scenic and meaningful hiking experience.

blue sky with small clouds above a sandy beige church building with a clock tower

About the St. Jacob’s Church

St Jacob’s is one of the oldest churches in Bamberg and is located in the Old Town. It sits on the Jakobsberg hill, one of Bamberg’s seven hills.

It’s a short footwalk away from the cathedral and Michelsberg Abbey.

When you stand in front of the church, notice how the front looks rather different than the rest of the facade. This is because the church was built in the 11th century in a typical Roman style and the front was redone in the 18th century.

The main altar and the figure of St Jacob inside are also from Baroque times. Also noteworthy is another statue of St Jacob outside, after the West entrance. When you’re here, don’t forget to get your pilgrimage stampe!

  • Address: Jakobspl. 10, 96049 Bamberg
  • Opening times: 9am to 4pm
  • Bus stop: Bamberg Jakobsplatz (line 910)
information board with text in German

Bamberg’s Jacobs Way leg

If you need a little description of where to go along the Jacob’s Way in Bamberg, here it is.

In Hallstadt, you’re starting at the market place to enter the Catholic Church St Kilian, where you can get your pilgrimage stamp. Then leave to your right and turn into the street Bamberger Straße.

If you don’t want to hike from Hallstadt to Bamberg, you can take the bus at the stop “Hallstadt Mitte”. Bus 904 will take you to the main bus station in Bamberg.

For those that do want to hike, follow the marked path next to the main roads (Bamberger Straße, path under the Autobahn, Hallstadter Straße, Friedhof, Siechenstraße, Untere Königstraße) for 4 km to the “Deutsches Haus” in Bamberg.

From here, walk across the chain bridge Kettenbrücke and into the main shopping streets Hauptwachstraße, Grüner Markt and Obstmarkt. Next, cross another bridge via the historic Townhall to get into the historic center.

Follow the street Dominikanerstraße and turn left into Katzenberg street, then walk up the stairs to the cathedral square. Continue on Domplatz street until you reach the square Jakobsplatz, where you can find the Jakobskirche.

To get to the next leg of the pilgrimage, head downards Jakobsplatz and Maternstraße and descend the stairs to continue towards Forchheim and Nuremberg.

wooden door with silver inlets in the shape of leafy branches
entrance door

Pilgrimage Stays

If you are really hiking the Jacob’s Way and want to stay overnight in Bamberg, there are two hostels that are recommended on the official page.

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