Wisteria season is prime flower lover season. And there are some spots to catch the purple wisteria in Bamberg, Germany throughout the year. You have to know these spots, however, to not miss out on these romantic photo spots. And we’re happy to share them with you.

Maybe you just want to look at the purple flowers or do a little photo shoot. Feel free to reach out to see my availability for booking a guided city walk and photo shoot in Bamberg with me to really capture the gorgeous scene and make you outshine the pretty flowers.

Whatever your plan, here are our insider tips for seeing Bamberg wisteria. If you happen to know any more, please let us know in the comments. We regularly update our postings and always welcome new tips.

What is the best time for wisteria?

Prime wisteria bloom is in May.

You might find some flowers as early as the end of April. By June the flowers have almost all disappeared. Depending on the weather, they bloom a second time, albeit a little less and more sporadically, in late summer.

view up a house wall with lush green wisteria foliage and hanging purple flowers

Where to see Bamberg’s wisteria

Regnitz Riverside

We found the best place for wisteria in Bamberg on the left part of the Regnitz riverside in the city center, close to the concert hall. On the opposite side, you can see the Welcome Hotel Residenzschloss*, which is a gorgeous hotel that you can stay in while in Bamberg.

If you walk from the concert hall towards St. Mark’s Bridge along the riverbank, you can’t miss it. Beautiful wisteria branches in purple and white climb directly on the garden fences.

And since you’re here, climb up to St. Mark’s Bridge and take a short turn to the right. Here you can spot more wisteria in a small garden from the road.

  • 49°53’42.8″N 10°52’50.8″E
  • Bus stop: Bamberg Konzerthalle

Then go back to the intersection and go to the Markusstraße stop. There are beautiful white wisteria on the wall opposite the children’s villa.

  • Address: Schiffbauplatz 23, Bamberg
  • Bus stop: Markusstrasse

Oscar The Grouch

Did you know that you can find Oscar from Sesame Street on a house wall in Bamberg? He sits there judging people all throughout the year and most people don’t even see him! So you’re one of the lucky few in the know. 😉

And if you find him, then you will also have found a wall full of beautiful wisteria.

Note that the wisteria growth may be trimmed in May but by summer is back to its glory. But there’s always Oscar worthy of a snap.

  • Address: Kleberstrasse 30, 96047 Bamberg
  • Bus stop: Bamberg Markusplatz

city ​​center

A small spot, but the wisteria are blooming here on a balcony on Schützenstrasse in the city center. You can also find more tendrils in the street Austrasse, in front of the Spaghetteria Orlando.

  • Address: Schützenstrasse 1 Austrasse 35

Please note: These are the prime locations for spotting wisteria in Bamberg’s city center. If you have time and want to roam around the city, here are some more but they are only included for the sake of comprehensiveness and aren’t worthy a trip just to see wisteria. The wisteria trees are very small here.

Bamberg Perennial Garden

There are not necessarily large wisterias to admire here, but you can buy some yourself. In the largest perennial nursery in Bavaria you will find a selection of small wisteria plants for your garden.

  • Address: Kronacher Strasse 27, 96052 Bamberg
  • Bus stop: Bamberg P+R Kronacher Str.

Nursery Reichert

A little further outside of Bamberg you will find wisteria in the beautiful nursery Reichert in Pettstadt.

  • Address: Nursery Reichert, Bahnstrasse 17, 96175 Pettstadt
  • Bus stop: Pettstadt (Lkr. BA) Ärztehaus
slim, yellowish green leaves next to pastel purplish wisteria flowers in front of a stone wall
bees love the fragrant wisteria


A little further north of Bamberg there are more wisteria to admire, namely on the fence of the Wieland site. Of course you are not allowed on the company premises, but you can see the purple flowers from the street.

  • At the corner of Kirschäcker and Kärntenstrasse
  • Bus stop: Bamberg Gundelsheimer Str.


Southwest of the Klinikum am Michelsberg you can still see a beautiful wisteria tree on a metal balcony.

  • Address: Kettenstrasse 22a
  • Bus stop: Bamberg Klinikum Michelsberg

Can you see yourself checking out Bamberg’s wisteria on a casual stroll?

round flower pedals with yellow dot in the middle hanging on a vine

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