There are plenty of things to see in Bamberg. After all, it is one of Germany’s prettiest cities, steeped in history, its Old Town filled with gorgeous historic house after another. Whether you are into a casual stroll on a sunny day, an insightful visit to a museum or interested in sampling the crazy amount of locally brewed specialties, here’s what to look out for before your next trip to Bamberg.

If you are looking for an examplary Bamberg itinerary that connects these Bamberg must see spots, we’ve got you covered as well.

golden sunset light shining on half-timbered house on a stone bridge

1. Old Town hall

The historic Townhall is the most iconic Bamberg attractions. It sits snuggly on its very own island and functions as city museum, city gate and bridge, all in one.

To get to the Old Town, walking past or even through the town hall is kinda obligatory. From whichever angle you encounter it, it’s glorious and makes for one of the best photo locations in the city.

2. Cathedral

Bamberg essentially is split into a lower part and upper part that stretches on its higher elevations with breathtaking views.

None other building than the esteemed cathedral enjoy quite such a view over the Old Town while also being central.

So it’s a non brainer to visit! Plus, entrance is free and promises to strike you with awe thanks to its gloomy and impressive Gothic architecture and arched windows.

3. Little Venice

As the name suggests, you’ll suddenly feel transported to the German version of Tuscany.

Embrace the laid back feeling with dropdead-gorgeous houses primping and preening right by the tranquil riverside and a gondola or two floating by during the warmer months.

Without a doubt, one of the most romantic spots in Bamberg.

4. Birds Hall

From outside, it sure is pretty. But from within, it will blow your mind. A world record holder, a stunner, an absolute treasure… that is the Birds Hall of Bamberg’s Natural History Museum.

It’s a rather small museum but the primly white cabinet hall with its bird displays from all over the world stacked to the ceiling in typically neat German-style displays paired with delicate architectural details is worthy of a visit. We promise! Read on.

white hall with Baroque elements and glass cabinets from floor to ceiling
golden sunset light shining on half-timbered house on a stone bridge

5. Rose Garden

Naturally, a visit to Bamberg’s rose garden is a thing for flowering months from spring to summer.

But don’t discount it quite yet because it offers the best of views over the historic roof tops no matter the season. Plus, from the old city walls, you are guaranteed to take photos without tourist crowds in front of your camera. Win win!

6. Alte Hofhaltung

As soon as your gaze lands on the rather quaint historic Old Court yard with its dark wooden beams and bright red flowers deocrating the construction, you’ll fall in love with this Bamberg sight!

You may even recognise it from a Hollywood film or two. During summer time, the courtyard transforms into an open air stage. So visit whenever you can to see it in all its glory.

7. Breweries

Did you know that the region of Franconia has the world’s most brewery density? There seems to be a brewery in Bamberg on every corner.

And as a result, there’s quite the variety when it comes to local brews. It comes as no surprise then that Bamberg offers its very own brewery and beer tours.

9. Michelsberg Monastery

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10. Altenburg Castle

Bamberg’s highest biergarden is right in the courtyard of the medieval castle Altenburg, which can be spotted from any location in Bamberg.

With its tall tower, it’s impossible to miss and offers lofty views over Bamberg and its surrounding valleys. Plus, you can roam the city walls and enjoy some peace and quiet after a bit of a forest hike.

11. Antiquity Stores

Bamberg is a great place for shopping but one feature that makes it unique are its exquisite antiquity stores that feel more like museums.

In the Old Town, you can find a selection with ever changing offerings and the occasional auction. Grab yourself a catalogue and be the proud owner of real historic pieces.

12. Neue Residenz

When you visit the cathedral or rose garden, you’ll automatically also pass the Renaissance building Neue Residenz.

It looks incredibly beautiful from outside, but wait until you see its hallowed halls. The residency building functions as a local museum in which you get to see the princely treasures and living quarters first-hand.

13. Seehof Castle

Bamberg has a total of five castles and by far the most beautiful one lies a little outside in Memmelsdorf. You can easily get there by bus or car.

The grounds of Castle Seehof are free to visit and worth a look any month of the year. Not only is the location a prime one with its multiple lakes, but you can take seat in the castle restaurant and cafe as well.

golden sunset light shining on half-timbered house on a stone bridge
golden sunset light shining on half-timbered house on a stone bridge

14. Hain park

There are plenty of opportunities to escape into nature in Bamberg. And the choice of locals typically falls on the Hain Park, which stretches from the heart all the way to the southern intersection of the local river and canal.

In the typical English country park style, you can parade underneath leafy alleys, venture into a bit of forest and take a shady seat underneath various Romantic gazebos, benches and statues.

15. Villa Concordia

Art lovers will delight not only in the glorious architecture that the river mansion offers.

But its halls offer ever changing exhibitions centering on the three disciplines of the visual arts, literature and music composition.

16. Diocesan Museum

If you want to learn more about the intersection of history and the church in Bamberg, do check out the Diocesan Museum of Bamberg.

17. Obere Pfarre

Bamberg is the seat of the Archbishop of the Diocese Bamberg, which covers large areas of Northern Bavaria. And throughout history, the church has always played an integral part in the city planning.

Naturally, you will see churches everywhere. The Obere Pfarre church is one church that is hard to miss.

18. Path of the Cross

Being this religious, you will see saints built into the houses. And there are different paths depicting Jesus’s last stages of life as well.

One famous path, which is also part of the Camino de Santiago (and you can get stamps for the local chapter), is the Path of the Cross and its nine stations between the churches St. Elisabeth and St. Getreu.

19. E.T.A. Hoffmann House

A local poet and composer who has made quite the dent on Bamberg (and German language classes in schools) is E.T.A. Hoffmann.

A house he lived in has been turned into a museum dedicated to his work. And it offers a great glimpse into his period of time.

20. Apfelweibla

Another reminder of E.T.A. Hoffmann is the Apfelweibla, Bamberg’s most iconic doorknob.

It inspired him to write a local tale and now tourists come to this shiny little dumpling face to rub it for good luck.

If you need any more tips on Bamberg and what to see, browse through our page some more or book us for a guided tour with your personal vacation photographer!