If you’re looking for selfie photo spots in Bamberg, Germany, you are in for a treat. After all, Bamberg might be Germany’s most instagrammable city.

(It’s definitely the most beautiful town in Germany, if you ask me. Which is also why I moved here. Yeah yeah, for aesthetics. But wait till you see the photos!!)

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Note that if you don’t have your own photographer with you, bring your own small gorilla tripod* or retractable tripod* or ask a passerby to take photos as there aren’t always ledges to prop a camera up.

In case you are tired of trying to set all this up in the busy streets (or are afraid of your equipment being stolen or knocked over – I often am), or you simply would like some super glam professional photos of yourself and feel extra special, request my photo services!

woman with pink shirt and sunglasses in front of a Baroque gate

Old Townhall

One of the most epic photography spots in Bamberg is undoubtedly the historic townhall of Bamberg, which lies on its own little island in the middle of the river.

You can reach it via a bridge that leads you from the city centre into the historic Old Town. It’s kinda impossible to miss.

The charming Baroque architecture and detailed paintings on its walls make it stand out. If you look really close, you can see some 3D elements poking out of the wall, such a cherub’s face and leg. Most people miss these details.

The best time to visit for your Bamberg vacation photos is early in the morning during the week. It’s always busy here, but the earlier you come, the less people are here. Also, outside of high season and local vacation times, you find less crowds.

Pro tip: Take your iconic Bamberg photograph from the parellel wooden bridge that leads to the island where the Geyerswörth city castle sits. (see cover photo at the top)

Little Venice

woman in pink hat and jacket standing by a river looking at historic white and red houses

One of the most iconic sights in Bamberg surely is Little Venice (Klein Venedig). And it is one of the prettiest spots to set up your camera or ask a passerby to take a snap of you.

The backdrop of all the wonky historic houses that line up right to the edge of the river provide the perfect backdrop for the ultimate Bamberg photo.

For the ultimate location, head to the Old Town street “Am Leintritt”. But not right where the cute half timbered houses stretch right to the waterfront, but at the opposite river bank.

woman posing on city walls overlooking roofs and houses below

Rose garDen

Probably the prettiest spot for taking selfies in Bamberg (and one of the easiest to prop up your camera and avoid crowds) is the rosa garden above the city.

It’s another well known local sight. You find it when you head up to the cathedral and right across the plaza into the arch of the “Neue Residenz”, which houses a museum.

From the rose garden you can enjoy sweeping views over the city roofs and many different varieties of roses are growing in perfectly manicured flower beds among water fountains and sculptures. It’s very romantic.


woman in pink and red outfit standing in front of green tree and wooden shelter in historic yard

When you exit the rose garden, you see another arch to your right, leading into the courtyard of the “Schlachthof”, the stockyard.

When they don’t host the outdoor theatre, the yard is empty and you can see the beautiful woodwork whose deep wooden tones contrast with the bright red balcony flowers. I even got up one of the staircases for a selfie.

Fun fact: They filmed a scene of the Three Musketeers (2011) movie here.

woman in green dress pointing up to street sign


Did you know that there is a small alley called Hölle in Bamberg. The name literally translates to “hell”. So you could take a snap leading down to hell or stnad underneath the sign. And funnily enough, you can easily reach various religious buildings from here within minutes.

But fear not, the street is not scary, gory or anything. There are pretty houses around.


woman in yellow coat standing in front of snowy landscape close to a tree, holding a jar with glowing fairy lights

The locals enjoy ambles through the many green spaces of Bamberg and the Hain park seems to be the most favoured one. After all, it neatly connects the Old Town with the Southern parts as it fills up the southern half of the island inbetween the Donau Main canal and the river Regnitz.

There are smaller steps leading to the water, where you can sit and take your selfie photos in Bamberg’s nature. Closer to the other end, which is called Buger Spitze, there is a small botanical garden, some gazebos and monuments scattered throughout the English style park landscape.

woman standing in light beam inside a dark cathedral


One of the coolest photos I have of my self in Bamberg was from inside the cathedral. The air was a little foggy from the incence and the bright beams of ray shining through the windows into the dark corners were absolutely stunning.

NaturaL History Museum

woman dressed in a Gryffindor outfit posing in front of a white building

My personal favorite among the scenic spots in Bamberg city is the Natural History Museum with its mesmerizing bird hall “Vogelsaal”.

But do also step outside and into the courtyard, which its pretty hedges and arches. I just had to do a Hermione Granger cosplay photoshoot in Bamberg with this backdrop.

woman in pink standing in front of ornamental Baroque building and massive wooden entrance door

Kunstgalerien Böttingerhaus

Bamberg sure has tons of gorgeous buildings that pop as a backdrop in photos. But one of the most impressives and a big one in scale is that of the art gallery building Kunstgalerien Böttingerhaus.

In fact, it is so pretty that it is one of the most significant Baroque civil buildings in Southern Germany. It is more a palais (stately home) rather than a regular building.

Stairs & Alleys

small street with rose bushes and historic houses

The Franconian has many churches, cute alleyways and staircases that make for great photo opportunities in Bamberg,

One path especially deserves a mention. It is the one leading up to St Stephan offers amazing photo opportunities during a Bamberg visit.

During most of the year (expect winter, of course), the metal fences to your left and right are framed by vibrant roses and greens.

Sit on the stone steps and capture the houses and church tower peeking out behind you as you snuggle up close together.

woman in pink looking out the window


There are two spots where you can photograph yourself beneath rainbow-colored umbrellas above the street. The main one is the street Austraße, which is one of the best streets for shopping and sitting in cafes.

The other is the back yard of Cafe Esspress, one of the most popular cafes and restaurants in town. It is always busy here, there is quite the selection and the food is good. Try the home-made lemonades and pancakes.


woman in pink standing on pathway leading down a garden and into the city

One of the best views over Bamberg you can enjoy is from the top of Michelsberg mountain, just behind the monastery. After you pass the restaurant and cafe, you will reach the walls with maps of the landmarks in the distance. And you can look up to Altenburg Castle, to your right.

The terraced garden and adjacent vinyard and orchard are also a “sneaky” path that locals use to get up the mountain instead of walking along the cobblestone streets from the cathedral to the monastery. It’s definitely more of a scenic route but comes with a steep incline (or decline, depending on your direction).

Fun fact: Bamberg has five castles in total.

Carmelite Monastery

The Karmelitenkloster, also known as the Carmelite Monastery, is located in Bamberg, a city in the northern part of Bavaria, Germany. The monastery was founded in 1623 by the Catholic religious order of the Discalced Carmelites, who were known for their strict observance of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

The Carmelite Monastery was built in the Baroque style and features a beautiful church with ornate decorations and frescoes. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is renowned for its impressive altar, which was created by the famous Baroque sculptor Johann Anwander.

Over the years, the Karmelitenkloster has been a center of spiritual and intellectual activity in Bamberg. The monastery was home to a school and a library, which housed many valuable books and manuscripts. The monks also engaged in missionary work and provided spiritual guidance to the local community.

During World War II, the monastery suffered damage from bombing raids, but it was later restored. Today, the monastery continues to be an active religious institution and is open to visitors who wish to learn more about its history and architecture. The church is also used for religious services and concerts, adding to the cultural life of Bamberg.

Some of the best spot for beautiful selfies in Bamberg can be taken right here in the arched passageways around the inneryard.

Note that construction work is going on, which is why the monastery is closed off to the public until spring 2023.


woman in striped dress in front of stairs surrounded by green trees

Still in the region of Bamberg but not in the actual city, Castle Seehof is such a stunner and a fairy tale-like setting for amazing selfies and a professional photoshoot alike. You can take the bus for 40 minutes from the center or drive with a car for 15 minutes to get there.

The park and garden grounds are free to visit and gorgeous any time of the year. Each season has something very special.

There are many different spots for posing. Do check out the entire area.

woman in pink hat and scarf posing in front of a big cherry blossom tree


Bamberg doesn’t have a lot of cherry trees but there are a few great spots for cherry blossoms pics. The main one is the ERBA Insel, which is the northern tip of the central island in Bamberg city.

The area is landscaped and framed by the river Regnitz to the left and right.


woman with yellow flower posing for a selfie in front of a river on a bridge

Bamberg has multiple bridges and these make for great photo spots as well. But it doesn’t always have to be the ones in the Old Town to get pretty selfies. Try out the Mariabrücke to show more of a river view with trees and Art Deco buildings lining the river side.

woman in yellow running on path next to flowering wisteria


If you visit Bamberg in May, you can capture a long stretch of fence between private gardens and the lush green riverbanks covered in flowering wisteria in Bamberg. The city may not be the destination for flowers or epic wisteria walls, but this spot is perfect for pretty selfies.

You may capture some late blooming flowers throughout summer as well if you’re lucky. But this shady spot makes for great photos either way.

photo collage of woman in blue dress sitting underneath tree and on lion statue

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