Besides the Christmas Market in Bamberg, there are many other Christmas Markets in Franconia that are worth a visit in December. After all, seeing just one festive market isn’t enough. And they’re all a little different. Here’s where else to consider a trip to.

Quick Dates Overview

November and December

  • Bamberg Christmas Market 22 November to 23 December 2022
  • Nuremberg Christmas Market 25 November to 24 December 2022
  • Coburg Christmas Market 25 November 23 December
  • Forchheim Christmas Market 25 November to 24 December 2022
  • Würzburg Christmas Market 25 November to 23 December 2022
  • Bayreuth Christmas Market 21 November to 23 December 202
  • Schweinfurt Christmas Market 24 November to 23 December 2022
  • Lichtenfels Märchenwald: 25 November to 23 December 2022

November only

  • Scheßlitz Christmas Market 26 November to 27 November 2022
  • Kulmbach Advent Market 25 November to 27 November 2022

Please note that these days, Christmas markets may still be subject to change or even be cancelled last minute. (Happened last year with the Christmas Market in Bamberg). So do always check for local updates on the official websites of the markets. I will provide a link to each.

Also, Christmas markets are generally free of charge. You just have to have cash on you for purchasing goods and food. Credit cards may not be accepted everywhere or there could be a minimum spend requirement.

wooden huts with pine tree branches and strings of golden light lined up left and right
Bamberg Christmas Market

Bamberg Christmas Market

If you are visiting Bamberg in December, you surely will want to visit the Bamberg Christmas Market. Since you’re here anyway and hopefully for at least an overnight stay, check it out both during the day and at night.

It’s an entirely different experience!

Fun fact: Bamberg typically has four different Christmas markets. (Sadly, one was cancelled in 2022, which still leaves one market to see in November and two in December.)

  • Dates: 22 November to 23 December 2022

You can find the main markets on the square in front of the new town hall and the other along one of the most popular streets. Impossible to miss!

My tip: Walk Bamberg’s cobblestone streets at night for a cosy view of the Christmas lights and the show windows displays.

Christmas stall with golden lights and red Christmas ornaments
Nuremberg Christmas market

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Did you know that the Christmas market in Nurember dates back to the 16th century?! That is some pretty impressive tradition and it is being upheld until today.

Another tradition is that of the Christkind, which is a female-form Christmas angel that hands out presents and blessings like Santa. She is being crowned anew every year as part of the festivities as well and visits this and other nearby Christmas markets to meet the children.

The Christkind also officially opens the Christmas market season, standing at the church Frauenkirche and reciting the prologue.

Fun fact: You can purchase your own version of the Christkind as a Christmas tree topper, which is characteristic for the region as well.

But back to the Christmas market in Nurember. It is rather big and stretches throughout the historic city center. In total, there are about 180 wooden huts offering their fair. All of them are decked in red-white canvas, which is a unique feature.

  • Dates: 25 November to 24 December 2022
  • Monday to Sunday: 10am to 9pm (last day until 2pm)
  • Some stalls are only open until 23 December
  • Location: Hauptmarkt, 90402 Nürnberg
  • Website
Christmas market seen from above with illuminated wooden huts on snow-covered market place
Coburg Christmas Market (c) Coburg Marketing; Henning Rosenbusch

Coburg Christmas Market

If you are visiting Bamberg in December, you surely will want to visit the Bamberg Christmas Market. Since you’re here anyway and hopefully for at least an overnight stay, check it out both during the day and at night.

Forchheim Christmas Market

If you are visiting Bamberg in December, you surely will want to visit the Bamberg Christmas Market. Since you’re here anyway and hopefully for at least an overnight stay, check it out both during the day and at night.

Würzburg Christmas Market

If you are visiting Bamberg in December, you surely will want to visit the Bamberg Christmas Market. Since you’re here anyway and hopefully for at least an overnight stay, check it out both during the day and at night.

white house with red and yellow details with blue statue in the front
historic house in Bayreuth

Bayreuth Christmas Market

Bayreuth has two winter markets.

The main Christmas Market in Bayreuth is called Christkindlesmarkt. It boasts over 40 stalls that stretch along the historic city center with its stunning Baroque and Renaissance-style houses.

It makes for a stunning visit, both during the day and night. During the day, you can really see the details on the beautiful houses in all their colours. And once darkness falls, Franconia’s longest string of lights will illuminate the way. They are 4.3 miles (7km) long!

Should you want to visit right on the first day, take a stand between the infirmary church and the Old Castle to see the Christkind officially open the festivities.

  • Dates: 21 November to 23 December 2022
  • Monday to Thursday: 10am to 7.30pm
  • Friday to Saturday: 10am to 9pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 7.30 pm
  • Location: Maximilianstraße, 95444 Bayreuth
  • Website

The other winter market in Bayreuth is located right behind the Christmas market, behind the tax office (Finanzamt). It’s called Bayreuther Winterdorf (Winter Village).

As the name suggests, it’s less about Christmas and more about an alpine and apres ski feel.

This small market already starts mid October and offers different events and (live) music every weekend, such as 90s vibes or after work parties. They even have their very own mulled wine brand, called Hüttenfieber. (Makes for a great souvenir.)

Though, the program isn’t just for adults, as there are also workshops for kids.

  • October until 31 December 2022
  • Times: Sundays & holidays 12pm to 11pm
  • Location: Old Castle at Maximilianstraße, Bayreuth
  • Website (in German)
empty market square with view of histpric tpwnhall with its steep, black roof and red-white facade
Schweinfurt townhall and market square

Schweinfurt Christmas Market

Schweinfurt doesn’t have many original historic buildings due to being heavily bombed during WWII. But the old townhall is one of those gorgeous buildings still left. And right here is where you will also find the Christmas market.

One unique thing that this Christmas market offers is that you can add Christmas decor onto specified trees and take one in return. You can also write your wish on a wishing tree.

There’s also a smaller ferris wheel for kids and a merry-go-round.

The first advent Saturday has the Christkind come visit from Nuremberg.

On the third advent weekend, the townhall hosts a handicraft market.

  • Dates: 24 November to 23 December
  • Thursday to Saturday 10.30 am to 9pm
  • Sunday to Wednesday 10.30am to 8pm
  • Location: Markt 1, 97421 Schweinfurt
  • Website (German)
fairy lights in the form of stars strung above cobblestone street leading up to a historic gate
Lichtenfels Christmas market

Lichtenfels Märchenwald

Lichtenfels is only a quick train ride away and it has a charming little historic center. Within just 10 minutes, you can walk from the train station to the heart of town. And you can also see an actual pink castle above the town!

The Christmas market in Lichtenfels is also called Märchenwald, which translates to “fairy tale forest”. As the name suggest, an entire scene is set up to feature classic fairy tale figures and kids can tour it on a small kiddie train. There’s also a witch’s house for live fairy tale readings (in German).

Adults will delight in the pretty wooden houses lined up on the cobblestone streets, selling local handcrafted items, delicious treats and unique Christmas gifts.

For live music performances, such as choirs, brass bands and bands, sit down in the Lichtenfelser Stadtalm, a specially constructed wooden party house.

Only on 23 December, you can find a second Christmas market in town, the großer Krammarkt, which features uniquely regional products and wares.

  • Dates: 25 November to 23 December
  • Monday to Friday 3pm to 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 7pm
  • Location: Marktplatz 1 u. 5, 96215 Lichtenfels
  • Website (German)
half timbered house with light brown wooden beams on white facade
half-timbered houses in Scheßlitz

Scheßlitz Christmas Market

Scheßlitz is a small town close to Bamberg, which in itself already looks like it could feature in a fairy tale adaptation. Plus, it has a stunning castle ruin and monastery sitting atop on its mountains, which can be seen from afar.

There is no train station here, so it is best to visit with a rental car.

Note that the Christmas market in Scheßlitz only runs for one weekend in November.

  • Dates: 26 November (7.30pm) to 27 November 2022 (1pm to 8pm)
  • Location: Hauptstraße 34, 96110 Scheßlitz
  • Website (in German)

What can you expect? To kick off the start of the market, there will be a glühwein (mulled wine) party at 7.30pm on the townhall square.

The next day, the market is open from 1pm to 8pm. More than 30 vendors will set up shop and you can buy local products, handicrafts and Christmas fare.

There will be creche set up with real animals as part of the animal shelter KAB Scheßlitz.

If you want to see the German Nikolaus, he’s coming over to greet the kids at 5pm.

Nikolaus isn’t the German Santa, even though he was basically the real life inspiration behind it. But in Germany, Nikolaus is a saint who visits kids on 6 December and already gives out some treats to those that polished their shoes.

night scene with lit up Christmas tree stands among green pine trees
Kulmbach Christmas market

Kulmbach Christmas Market

One of the prettiest traditional towns in Franconia is Kulmbach. The houses come in all kinds of different colours, are half-timbered with typical details exclusive to the region, and there are several quaint little squares. Plus, there’s a pretty impressive castle up on the mountain right in the city.

But if you want to come over for the Christmas market in Kulmbach, you really need to get the timing right as it only takes place on the first advent weekend.

If you’re into beer, THIS is the place to be(er).

Franconia has the world’s highest density of breweries per capita, but Kulmbach is known as the “secret beer capital”. They don’t just have a variety of local brews year-round, but also limited edition Christmas classics, such as Christmas beer, gingerbread beer and ice bock.

More than that, there’s not just an outdoor market, but indoor craft markets held at both the Burggut in the street Waaggasse and at the Alte Villa as well.

  • Dates: 25 November to 27 November 2022
  • Website

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