Bamberg, a city located in the Franconia region of Bavaria, Germany, is not particularly known for cherry blossoms. However, there are some places where you might be able to see cherry blossoms in Bamberg during the spring season that are worth a trip if you’re visiting Bamberg in April.

Fun fact: During spring you might also still see some traditional Franconian Easter fountains up, which are a long-standing tradition.

Hain Park

One place to try is the Hain Park, which is a beautiful park that stretches on the central island from the city center towards the southern edge of Bamberg city. It has shady forest segments, a public river pool (open only in the warmer months), meadows as well as a botanical garden.

Beyond this botanical garden, which is free to visit, you can find flower beds and a few cherry blossoms to its side. A few more are around the pond area.

  • Address: Blumenrondelle im Hainpark, 96047 Bamberg
  • Parking: Park and Ride Heinrichsdamm, Heinrichsdamm 33, 96047 Bamberg
botanical garden flower beds among a lush green forest
Botanical Garden in the Hain Park

ERBA Island

At the other end of the main island, the northern tip of Bamberg, you will find the ERBA lsland. It was part of the state-wide gardening exhibition of 2012, which transformed the area into beautiful landscaping projects.

In spring, you can stroll among flowering cherry blossom avenue with some cherry blossom trees or stand on one of the viewing platforms by the river edge. It’s super romantic and pretty.

Another place you could check out is the Altenburg Castle, which is a hilltop castle located in Bamberg. The castle has a beautiful garden with various trees, including some cherry blossom trees, which might be in bloom during the spring.

Lastly, you could also try taking a walk along the river Regnitz, which flows through the city center of Bamberg. The riverbanks have some cherry blossom trees, which might be in bloom during the spring and make for a picturesque walk.

grey path between green grass and pink cherry trees
  • Address: ERBA-Insel, An d. Spinnerei 17, 96049 Bamberg
  • No official parking nearby
  • Bus stop: “Gaustadt Spinnerei” (bus lines 906, o938, 994, 995)

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While not actually located in Bamberg, the cherry blossom trail of Pretzfeld (Pretzfelder Kirschwanderweg) is a popular weekend destination for trips from Bamberg.

On your way you will pass Forchheim, which has one of the best spots for seeing Easter fountains in Franconia. And there are more in the area as well.

The trail has its own free official parking lot by the forest entrance.

Your best bet is visiting during the week. It can get crowded on the weekends. If you arrive after 3pm, the crowds aren’t as bad and there tends to be more space. Plus, the southern edge will get the sunlight and is great for photos.

  • Address: Pretzfelder Kirschenweg, Leimengarten 12, 91362 Pretzfeld
  • Parking: Parkplatz (Pretzfelder Kirschenweg), 91362 Pretzfeld
cherry trees in bloom on a green meadow under a blue sky
Pretzlau Cherry Blossom Trail

When are the cherry trees in bloom in Bamberg?

However, please note that the timing of the cherry blossom season can vary depending on the weather and other factors, so it’s best to check ahead of time to see if the cherry blossoms are in bloom during your visit.

For reference, the typical blooming time is mid to late April.

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