There are plenty of sights to see in Bamberg, but most people tend to skim the historic city centre and then jet off to other destinations around Germany. That’s a HUGE mistake. You have NO idea how gorgeous the region of Franconia in Bavaria is.

Plus, there are plenty of castles outside of Bamberg to visit as well as many a hiking trail within Bamberg from which you can get some nice photos. And why would you pass on the opportunity to have a romantic castle photo session at an authentic castle in Germany?

Let’s start off with castles IN Bamberg. Did you know there are five? Let me show them to you first before I show you castles in the region around Bamberg.

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Castle Seehof

woman in blue dress running through field of tall grass towards castle tower

Schloss Seehof, as it is known in German, is the prettiest castle in Bamberg and a must see if you have more than a day in Bamberg.

It lies just outside the town borders in the small town of Memmelsdorf (but is still part of the overall district of Bamberg).

  • Address: Schloss Seehof 1, 96117 Memmelsdorf
  • The park is free of charge

How to get there by bus:

Take the bus 907 or 927 from ZOB (central bus station) in the Bamberg city centre. The stop is right next to the current town hall, a little off from the central, round hub. So don’t get confused. Get a ticket for price category 2.

Do check bus times as it leaves about hourly and times vary throughout the day and week. Check live times here.

The bus ride takes 24-26 minutes and you get off at the stop “Seehof (b. Memmelsdorf) Schloß“. You’ll be right by the castle walls and can’t miss it.

Note: There is free public Wi-Fi at the main bus station, but not at the castle.

If you need, here are the timetables:

Castle Altenburg

Schloss Altenburg is THE castle Bamberg is known for. It’s prominent, you can see if from anywhere in the city and the surrounding region. Its main tower looms high on the mountain and you can take a bus or car close to it, then hike up through the forest.

Walking around the castle grounds is free.

There’s a typical German restaurant in the yard as well, where you can enjoy a refreshing beer and local cuisine in the historic courtyard underneath the tower.

Fun fact: This is Bamberg’s highest beer garden (highest elevation).

Look up and you can see a little cage dangling at the top.

The view from the castle walls over the city and surrounding countryside is absolutely stunning and well worth the visit of Altenstein Castle just for that.

  • Address: Altenburg 1, 96049 Bamberg


historic grey stone building with flags in front of main entrance

The castle that’s easiest to reach in Bamberg on a sightseeing tour in the Old Center is the castle Neue Residenz.

The castle’s most notable feature is its impressive Baroque façade, which was added in the 17th century by the architect Leonhard Dientzenhofer. The façade features ornate decorations and a grand entranceway, giving the castle an impressive appearance from the outside.

Inside, the castle contains a number of historic rooms and chambers, many of which are decorated with lavish furnishings and artwork. No wonder, it is a gallery and art museum after all.

Some of the most impressive rooms include the Bishop’s Chapel, which features stunning frescoes and ornate carvings, and the Marble Hall, which is adorned with marble columns and elaborate stucco work.

  • Address: Dompl. 8, 96049 Bamberg
  • free entry with the BAMBERGCard (get it here*)


Residenzschloss Geyerswörth, also known as Geyerswörth Castle, is a historic castle located in the city of Bamberg in Bavaria, Germany.

It was originally built in the 11th century as a residence for the archbishops of Bamberg until the Neue Residenz was finished, and it has undergone several renovations and additions over the centuries.

The name is a combination of the family Geyer who used to live in the castle and also owned an island called Wörth.

Today, the castle serves as the administrative center for the City of Bamberg. Entry to the rooms is not possible for members of the public.

However, it is possible to climb up the 132 steps of the castle tower.

  • Address: Geyerswörthstraße 3A, 96047 Bamberg
  • No entry possible

red castle covered with ivy and with a round tower
photo collage of three clones of woman in blue dress standing among orchard

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The little city castle just north of the train station in Bamberg, in the middle of private garden lots, isn’t on the radar of most tourists. In fact, it is privately owned and open only for special events, such as weddings and concerts.

The building is Baroque on the outside with rococo interior. It was constructed Johann Dientzenhofer for Philipp Friedrich von Aufseß and heavily damaged during the Napoleonic Wars. After that, it was used by agricultural handling of the surrounding land. Its ballroom was used as hay storage and hen coop.

Like Castle Seehof, it was surrounded by lakes. However, unlike the former castle, the lakes were filled in to create more fields to harvest. During the 20th century, the city tried to demolish the building to expand the train tracks, which luckily the citizens heavily opposed.

The building fell into disrepair but was completely renovated and reopened in 2015.

  • Address: Aufsesshöflein 1, 96050 Bamberg
  • Entry only for special events and concerts

Castle Bug

Schloss Bug isn’t much to rave about, but it’s one of Bamberg’s castles, so it deserves a mention. In fact, it is being used as a missionary museum and called Missionsmuseum Bug. In it, you can find exhibits from missionary works in India and South America, including fossils and a shrunken head.

  • Address: Missionsmuseum Bamberg Bug, Schloßstraße 30, 96049 Bamberg
  • Free entry
yellow mansion with red roof and parking lot in the front

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